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Sheriffs warn of violence from Mexican cartels deep into
Sheriffs warn of violence from Mexican cartels deep into interior of U.S. - Washington Times
Sheriffs warn of violence from Mexican cartels deep into interior of U.S.
Sheriffs Warn of Violence From Mexican Cartels Deep into Interior of U.S.
Sheriffs warn of violence from Mexican cartels deep into interior of U.S.
Sheriffs: Violent Mexican Drug Cartels Have Infiltrated More Than 3,000 U.S. Cities
Numerous US Sheriffs are warning of violence deep inside the US interior from Mexican drug cartels now operating on both sides of the US-Mexico border.
5 states in Mexico get highest "do not travel" warning under new U.S. State Department system
Sheriffs warn of violence from Mexican cartels deep into interior of U.S. - Tea Party Command Center
A woman sees a relative lying dead on the ground after he was killed by gunmen
The Activities of Mexican Drug Cartels are Extending Deep into The United States say Sheriffs
Cancun beach
Pinal County sheriff warns people about cartel assassins
Meet the New Gangster Warlords of Latin America
Northern Virginia man charged with murder in stabbing death at church retreat in Frederick County
Dozens have been killed this month in the Mexican state of Guerrero, including a man
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la barbie mexican american druglord
Mexican drug cartels outgunning law enforcement across the U.S. | Daily Mail Online
panama unit drug-robbery ring in Texas
Cartels recruiting drug, people smugglers in bars, high schools
Policemen walk during a press conference in which alleged members of the Arellano Felix cartel were
Maryland sheriff frustrated illegals he arrested for crimes freed by feds
Sheriffs warn of violence from Mexican cartels deep into interior of U.S. ...
On a hot, humid night last August, two wealthy Mexican brothers went out to party in Puerto Vallarta.
The dangerous problems associated with the cartels¿drug and human trafficking, kidnapping, prostitution
Mexico drug cartels sending top agents to run crime rings deep inside U.S. territory, AP finds
Violence Rises as Mexico's Drug Cartels Fracture
Ex-Border Patrol agent Joel Luna confers with attorney Carlos Garcia after his arraignment in
Mexico's Drug War: "Pinal County Sheriff: Mexican drug cartels now control parts of Arizona."
El PasoMembers of the Juarez Cartel, Sinaloa Cartel and Cartel Jalisco Nueva Generacion can all
Mexico says Gulf cartel boss "Jose Alfredo" arrested near US border in Matamoros Tamaulipas, across from Brownsville Texas - CBS News
El cartel de los Beltrán Leyva
Los Zetas and MS-13: Nontraditional Alliances – Combating Terrorism Center at West Point
Trump Jr. Now Tied to Mexican Drug Cartel's Money Laundering Scheme
U.S. Student Became Mexican Drug Kingpin
The following photos contain content that some viewers may find disturbing. Photo: San Antonio
Paul Babeu tells KGUN9 News this is just another example of drug violence spilling deep into Arizona.
Mexican drug cartels move deeper into US to tighten grip on narcotics market
It was just five weeks ago that deputy Louie Puroll was shot in a drug corridor in west Pinal County. On Sunday, more violence in the same area.
'We're literally outgunned': U.S. sheriffs are worried that Mexican drug cartels
Two of the victims were identified as consulate employee Lesley Enriquez, right, and her
Arizona residents warned not to hike with in 80 miles of Mexico border. The drug cartel violence ...
Mexican drug cartels move deeper into US to tighten grip on narcotics market | World news | The Guardian
More drug profits slipping into Mexico as border seizures plummet
East Los Angeles Hit Man Trained by Mexican Cartels
Cities in northeastern Mexico such as Ciudad Victoria have become hotspots for cartel violence. In any given town, the Zetas use street-corner spies armed ...
DHS Aiding Drug Cartels and Hiring Obama Cronies
Mexican federal police in an armored truck patrol Reynosa, where drug violence has spilled into
US Consulate Warns of Ciudad Victoria Violence; Border Patrol Needs More Leeway on Federal Lands, Bishop says
The new US ambassador to Mexico, Carlos Pascual, commented in early November: “What struck me most in the short time that I was in Juarez was not the threat ...
Mexico's Drug War: A Rigged Fight?
Drug war in Mexico: The shocking killing of Guadalupe's last police officer | In English | EL PAÍS
Joaquin "El Chapo" Guzman (shown in 1993) heads the Sinaloa cartel,
Video: Two Americans killed in Mexico
8 bodies discovered in grisly slayings in Mexican resort town; US tourists cautioned
Drug kingpin's deal with the U.S. triggered years of bloodshed, including a Southlake murder
New Report Warns of National Security Threat from Narco-Mex
He rose through the ranks quickly, making investigator in 2007 and major crimes in 2008. Despite his relative inexperience, when supervisors corrected him, ...
Radio Tecnico: How The Zetas Cartel Took Over Mexico With Walkie-Talkies
... alleged head of Plaza in Matamoros, Javier Enrique Farías García, 49, alleged financial operator, and Erasmo Garcia Galvan, 37, who probably was ...
Cartels recruiting drug, people smugglers in bars, high schools
Inside a secret 2014 list of hundreds of L.A. deputies with histories of misconduct
Outmanned and outgunned, local law enforcement officers are alarmed by the drug and human trafficking
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The two current cases of spillover violence, on October 30 and November 24, occurred more than 300 miles apart in Texas. Both produced murky and conflicting ...
He invested heavily in submarines, which he used to bring in narcotics from South America. (According to the former DEA ...
The Mexican military has cracked down on the Zetas' radio network. But it's resilient. For every tower the military takes down, the cartel could erect ...
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White supremacist group linked to killing of Texas district attorney
Feds bust Iraqi-Mexican drug ring in Calif.
DESPITE the serious tone of his message at a community breakfast last week, El Dorado County Sheriff John D'Agostini shares a laugh with El Dorado Hills ...
Hitman: Jesus Ernesto Chavez says he stopped keeping track of the number of people he's
A readers comment advised, “The people of Cd. Juarez were warned: what is happening in Juarez will end up happening in all the country.
Arturo "Benny" Gallegos with Mexican federal police in November 2010. Gallegos ran the violent Barrio Azteca gang, which conducted killings for the Juarez ...
In this Feb. 14, 2013 photo, Art Bilek, executive vice president of
Accused: Prosecutors are calling Jose Manuel Martinez a contract killer and have charged him with
Pinal County sheriff warns people about cartel assassins
Government loves drug cartels
A Texas beheading, a Mexican cartel and the border agent facing charges
Copy link to paste in your message. The drug cartel ...
Horrific Drug Cartel Violence & Killings Intensified In 2008 Through 2012
Good guy drug lord
KFC drug tunnel
Mexico legalises vigilantes to combat Knights Templar drug cartel
5 Mexican states get highest US 'do not travel' warning | Lifestyle | morningjournal.com
Jindal: I hope world leaders are rattled by Trump; Ariz. sheriff warns about drug cartel assassins | Fox News
Bret Hamilton (pictured), assistant special agent with the Drug Enforcement Administration, said
President Donald Trump speaks as he meets with county sheriffs during a listening session in the Roosevelt Room of the White House on Tuesday.